Welcome to the Proyecto 34ºS online library, which showcases African and Latin-American drama selected through the Theatre in Translation / Teatro en Traducción (TT) project. Take your time and browse through an eclectic collection of plays from these two continents (currently works from South Africa and Argentina are available), download those you wish to read in English or in Spanish, and enjoy stepping into the other worlds created by the talented, courageous, sensitive and funny writers featured here.

Proyecto 34ºS believes that playwrights and their work deserve to be recognised, celebrated and shared, locally, nationally and internationally. Plays from Africa and Latin America often do not travel beyond their borders, indeed many do not travel beyond their country or even city limits due to a lack of suitable platforms, financial constraints and of course, language differences. The TT project recognises and rewards quality and originality whilst bridging the linguistic and cultural gap through means of translation, actively promoting the plays and providing new platforms for their exposure to a wider and more varied readership than ever before through both traditional printed and new online media. Ultimately, the TT Project also aims to get the plays off the page and onto the stage – in new languages and in new places, with new casts - and new audiences watching, enjoying, absorbing, thinking…

Proyecto 34ºS is proud to present the first plays coming out of this initiative and looks forward to future editions which will include other countries from Africa and Latin America.

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From South Africa: Karen Jeynes, Johan Esterhuizen, Zane Henry and Kurt Egelhof
From Argentina: Lucas Margarit, Héctor Levy-Daniel, Susana Gutierrez Posse, Araceli Arreche and Federico Irazábel.

Click here to read the forewords written by Karen Jeynes and Dr. Lucas Margarit for the print version of the plays »

Credits and Acknowledgements 2011

This project has been a labour of love for many people who believe in its value and have given tremendous amounts of time, effort and energy to ensure that it came to fruition.

Project director: Nikki Froneman
Translation coordinator: Selva Arin
First stage coordinator: Martina Sántolo
P34°S General Assistant 2010: Cynthia Dávila Velarde
Project consultant and media representative: Sol Drincovich
Final Editors: Ellie Robins & Nikki Froneman
Online library design and development: Katie Starkey
Website assistance: Patrick Scott
Translation consultant and cover design: Clara Tilve
Design assistance from Louise Campbell-Smith
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All the translators, proofreaders and consultants:
Agustina Montiel, Ana Lis Salotti, Ana Lojo, Ana Rosberg, Andi Bixel, Andrew McCowan, Ann Hiemstra, Anna White-Nockleby, Anya Shaw, Benjie Shongwe, Catherine Scott, Christo Snyman, Clara Tilve, Cliff Smuts, Cristina Farias, Daneel van der Walt, Eduardo Arques, Elena Stella, Elyse Klein, Federico Schenquerman, Fidel Soler Ulloa, Gabriela Hallas, Ilze Brüggemann, Javiera Cadiz Bedini, Katharine Cuffari, Kristin Dean, Laura Andrea Agesta, Lisa Bellstedt, Lucas Brockenshire, Marcela Alonso, María Celina Iglesias, María de las Nieves Arengo, María Laura Montangero, Mariana Taguchi, Mike Mahase, Odette Fernández López, Patricia Labastié, Paula Gutiérrez, Philippa Jephson, Princess Mhlongo, Rodrigo Alonso Gómez Gutiérrez, Rosana Cornago de Phillips, Robin Minchom and Ryan Morrison.

Proyecto 34ºS gratefully acknowledges the funding received for this project from the Fondo Metropolitano de la Cultura, las Artes y las Ciencias, Buenos Aires, Argentina and through the Mecenazgo Cultural, Buenos Aires, Argentina.